Record Breaking Hybrid Sales

Record Breaking Hybrid Sales
(TORONTO, January 4, 2017) Nearly 20,000 more Canadians switched to hybrid vehicles in 2016 and this helped fuel overall
annual sales growth of 4.2% for Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI).
TCI is reporting its best year ever for hybrid sales in 2016, with a total of 19,787 units sold, up 45.2% compared to last year.
Led by the RAV4 hybrid, Toyota brand hybrid sales have more than doubled compared to 2015, with 17,812 vehicles sold, and a 54.2% increase.

A Year at a Glance

TCI sold a total of 217,792 Toyota, Lexus and Scion vehicles in 2016, up 4.2% compared to last year. It was the second-best sales year ever for TCI, led by an annual sales record for trucks, with 128,672 units sold, up 10.8%.
The Toyota division (including Scion) reported sales of 195,283 units, up 4.4% compared to 2015, including the best year ever for Toyota brand truck sales with 112,931, up 10.8% compared to last year.
Lexus also established its best sales year ever with a total of 22,509 luxury vehicles sold, up 2.2% compared to 2015. Lexus brand trucks, reported a best year ever with sales of 15,741 units sold, an increase of 10.9%.
Additional 2016 Highlights

  • RAV4 sales, 49,103, up 16.2% (new annual record)
  • Highlander sales, 12,964, up 24.5%  (new annual record)
  • Tacoma sales, 12,618, up 7.2%  (new annual record)
  • RX sales, 8,147, up 15.3%  (2nd best year)
  • Prius C sales, 3,135, up 3.5%  (new annual record)

TCI December Sales Highlights

  • Overall TCI sales, 13,688 units, up 4.5%
  • TCI trucks, 9,156 units, up 7.6% (new December record)
  • TCI hybrids, 1,367 units, up 86.7% (new December record)
  • Toyota division, 11,943 units, up 4.5%
  • Toyota trucks, 7,864 units, up 7.5% (new December record)
  • Lexus division, 1,745 units, up 4.6% (new December record)
  • Lexus trucks, 1,292 units, up 8.6% (new December record)