Toyota Safety Sense

Integrated Safety Management

To ensure a driving experience that delivers exhilaration and peace of mind in equal measure. Toyota goes through a concept called the Integrated Safety Management, which is continuously engaged in traffic accident analysis that leads to innovative technologies that address the real-world safety issues.
Toyota has developed the concept of Integrated Safety Management (ISM) to guide their thinking when it comes to safety. It is a thorough approach that not only takes the vehicle into account, but the driver and the environment as well. The goal is to provide excellent driving support based on the level of danger. To achieve this, Toyota has identified four distinct situational needs, each defined by the degree of accident risk and severity, including Pre-Collision, Active Safety, Parking and Passive Safety.

Pre-Collision Safety

At times accidents are unavoidable. It can be because of bad weather and poor visibility, or even a failure by a driver to adequately monitor the traffic environment. Toyota has developed technologies that can predict the likelihood of a collision, take steps to reduce damage and injury, and in some situations, help avoid an accident altogether.

Active Safety

There are multiple situations where the potential for accidents can suddenly arise. You need to brake suddenly on a rain slick road. Or you simply go to change lanes just as another vehicle slides into your blind spot. Which is why Toyota’s Active Safety technologies are designed to assist you when the unexpected happens. An example being, your Toyota vehicle will warn you of hidden dangers or by enhancing vehicle control to ultimately help you avoid potential risks.


Some of the most common scenes of accidents include crowded parking lots and busy parking garages. Toyota has developed a number of technologies that increase a driver’s field of vision, and even park the vehicle for them. Taking the guesswork out of backing-in and backing-up!

Passive Safety

Many things happen after a collision occurs. While they are collectively known as “passive safety measures”, they all play an active role in reducing the impact on vehicle occupants and helping keep you safe.

Efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the information presented above, though pricing, equipment, or other details may change at any time without notice. For more information refer to Toyota Canada’s website, or consult the vehicle’s owner’s manual.